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Wine Tours

We offer:

  • Expert, all-inclusive tours to wine regions in France and Germany. In Germany we are the pioneers of the concept to visit all 13 German wine regions with international wine friends.
  • Custom tailored tours to wine regions in France, Germany, and other wine regions around the world.
  • Planning and implementation of wine pairing dinners in the Washington DC area and Germany for wineries / châteaux.
  • Educational presentations on the wines of France and Germany (with and without accompanying tastings).
  • Conceptualization and organization of promotional events for the food and beverage industry.

What you get when you travel with us:

  • Guidance and instruction throughout the trip by Annette and Christian Schiller, a husband and wife team. We both are wine enthusiasts, seasoned wine tasters and wine educators, and know the wine regions in France and Germany like the back of our hands - we lived there for many years! We are fluent in English, German, and French, and are experienced travelers. When you do a tour with ombiasy Wine Tours you never get a paid guide, you always get to travel with us.
  • We always travel in a small group to make the experience more like traveling with a bunch of friends, and to get a better and more intimate look at the behind the scenes of the wineries / châteaux.
  • Travel in the wine regions by luxury air-conditioned motor coach.
  • Accommodation in 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotels depending on availability in the regions, including breakfast buffets. Wine regions in Europe are for the most part pretty rural and the availability of standard international hotel chains is very limited. Where international hotels are not available, we always choose charming, family-run boutique hotels, typical of the region. Very often those hotels are in historic buildings, where strict building codes apply that make any standardization impossible. All hotels are categorized by the government and the amenities correspond to the star system. However in some of the smaller hotels room sizes vary, elevators are impossible to install, and internet connections can be shaky.
  • Lunches and dinners sometimes at excellent gourmet restaurants, at other times at typical local restaurants to get you a feel for regional specialities.
  • Our wine tours include wine pairing lunches and dinners right at the wineries / châteaux with the owners or winemakers. You will enjoy gourmet and regional food, deliciously matched to the wines served which also include older vintages. Dining as a private guest at a renowned winery or Bordeaux château is one of the ultimate experiences that you can have and which is not open to the independent traveler.
  • You get access to wine estates normally not open to visitors.
  • Expert wine tastings at top wine estates and châteaux as well as barrel tastings, vertikal tasting, etc. depending on availability.
  • You will meet the owners and winemakers and are treated to private tastings with them. Since they are our friends - you get the access!
  • Guided city tours and sightseeing tours of spectacular historical sites.
  • You will get a very personal, authentic experience and total immersion in the particular wine region.


All Wine Tours At A Glance


Wine Tours GERMANY 2016/17

Wine Tours FRANCE 2016/17

Wine Tour

Germany East 2017

We meet winemakers who embody the "wine and art" approach right at their wineries, and we will attend world-class concert and opera performances.

9 day immersion: June 9 – 18, 2017

For details click here

Wine Tour

Germany North 2017

Spend 7 days touring five wine regions, tasting fabulous wines, meeting world-renowned wine makers, and delving deep into German history and culture.

7 day immersion: June 19 – 25, 2017

For details click here

Wine Tour

Germany South 2017

This tour has a strong culinary component reflecting the southern German region's affinity with good food, and proximity to culinary Alsace in France.

7 day: Sept. 03 – 09, 2017

For details click here

Wine Tour

Burgundy 2017

Visit a total of 15 Domaines, 3 Champagne Houses, guided tour Lyon, visit the Fontenay Abbey. Experience French hospitality and culinary art at the highest level.

11 day immersion: May 25 – June 4, 2017

For details click here

Wine Tour

Bordeaux 2017

This tour has a strong culinary component, with exquisite wine pairing lunches and dinners at the Châteaux playing a daily part of our journey through the Bordeaux wine region.

10 day immersion: September 12 – 21, 2017

For details click here